High polyphenic EVOO may help protect those with Diabetes from kidneys failure

Learn how High polyphenic extra virgin olive oil has been proven to hold health benefits for those with diabetes and kidney disorders.

12/19/20231 min read

a person holding a cell phone in their hands
a person holding a cell phone in their hands

Diabetes brings with it many health complications, with one being long-term hyperglycemia which damages the small blood vessels throughout the body. This damage frequently leads to the chronic loss of kidney function and the leading cause of chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease worldwide. 30 % of type 1 diabetes patients and 40% of type 2 diabetes patients develop chronic kidney disease.

Scientists in Malaga recently carried out a study to explore ways in which patients could shield their kidneys from potential diabetes-related harm. Most of this harm comes from oxidative stress, which induces inflammation, increases glomerular (kidney filtering) volume, impairs glomerular function and elevates urinary protein excretion. Given polyphenols in olive oil have been found to have healing properties in Heart studies the researches decided to test how these polyphenols could help the kidneys.

DHPG, is one of the phenolic compounds found in extra virgin olive oil, and exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The research team in their study found that DHPG decreased blood glucose levels in patients, which can prevent the progression of renal damage in diabetes.

The researchers also found that DHPG partially reduces thromboxane production (which narrows the blood vessels) and counteracts the reduced production of prostacyclin (which widens the blood vessels) induced by diabetes mellitus. This effect was statistically significant at a dose of 1 milligram per kilogram daily.

The study also demonstrated that DHPG impacts several key parameters related to renal function.

  • It reduces protein excretion in urine, linked to slowing nephropathy progression

  • increases creatinine clearance

  • lessens the increase in glomerular volume and the extent of glomerulosclerosis (hardening or scarring of the kidney’s filtering blood vessels.)

The team believes their study shows promising evidence that the administration of DHPG to those with type 1 diabetes produces a nephroprotective effect.”

They hope their research will lead to further studies into how the effects of DHPGs might interact with the established beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oil attributed to its polyphenol content. The possibility of DHPG exerting a synergistic influence with hydroxytyrosol has been postulated since both polyphenols are components of extra virgin olive oil itself.