Extra Virgin Olive Oil is found to combat erectile disfunction

New studies suggest high polyphenic olive oil could help boost male testosterone and sexual health

12/19/20231 min read

A new study from the University of Athens suggests that high-polyphenic olive oil could be a good remedy for tackling erectile dysfunction and boosting testosterone health.

According to a report from Medical News Daily, more than 600 men were recruited for the study, which examined how a Mediterranean-style diet could impact sexual health. Along with encouraging greater consumption of fruits, vegetables and nuts, followers of the Mediterranean diet replaced the consumption of butter with olive oil. A Mediterranean diet incorporates between 25-50 mL of olive oil every day.“Those who followed this diet in the study were able to reduce their risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 40 percent” Medical News Daily reported. “Men who consumed at least nine tablespoons of olive oil every week were not only less likely to suffer from impotence but also had notably higher levels of testosterone.”

“Long-term lifestyle habits on diet and exercise seems to have a major impact on not only our arteries but our quality of life, including sexual capacity from middle-age to elderly population,” Dr. Christina Chrysohoou, lead researcher from the University of Athens told Medical News Daily. “Consuming olive oil and sticking to a [Mediterranean] diet keeps a man’s bedroom chances high.”

Additionally, Chicago-based urologist Laurence Levine explains that erectile dysfunction is a vascular problem. “We all know that an olive oil-rich Mediterranean diet is healthier for our blood vessels. Since erectile function is most often related to the health of our blood vessels, the findings from the study make sense,” says Levine.

He also says that while the findings from the study are interesting, he wants it to be clear that olive oil can’t necessarily treat erectile dysfunction per se. “Your diet may further accelerate the ageing process that leads to erectile dysfunction, but unless you’re young, the chance of spontaneously reversing ED is pretty low,” says Levine. “Olive oil is a preventative — it’s not a cure.” For that reason, he still thinks that if a man is having erectile issues and he’s eager to get back in the sack, Viagra is still the way to go. “Viagra helps the blood vessels instantly dilate, olive oil does not,” explains Levine.