A Quest for Health

After discovering the enormous health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lavishing my food with it for many years - I was shocked to find out that most extra virgin olive oils sold in local supermarkets and upmarket delis did not contain the nutrients at levels required to deliver any health benefits. When I started to search for premium high polyphenic extra virgin olive oil I found these oils were VERY hard to find. Many claimed they where high polyphenic but when looking at their lab breakdown they still had less than the 500mg/kg required to deliver health benefits. Others demanded high prices but with no lab testing to prove their quality - I once found a £100 bottle sold in a premium store in Mayfair, London with no papers at all to prove its quality. The internet, especially Amazon is today flooded with "fake" olive oil due to the markets increased demand and prices. It's a complete minefield. I therefore made it my mission to find the make premium quality High-Polyhenol EVOO accessible for all with making people aware of it's many health benefits.



Learn about High Polyphenic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

High-polyphenic premium extra virgin olive oils are fruity, and pleasantly bitter due to the freshness of the olives, and peppery pungent due to their high polyphenol levels. They are all produced by early harvesting a variety of olives that contain the highest polyphenols. There is increasing scientific research being carried out to prove it's many health benefits.

Award Winning High Polyphenic EVOO's

We have sourced the very best high-polyphenic EVOO's from some of the best producers in the world. Many compete against each other to win the most prestigious competitions.

Early Harvest Olive Oil: Nature's Purest Gift

Early harvesting involves picking olives before they fully ripen, usually at the onset of the season, assuring a purer, more flavourful, and nutritious olive oil. The benefits include:

  • Higher Antioxidant and Phenol Levels: Olives harvested early have more antioxidants and phenols.

  • Vibrant Aroma: This oil exudes a bolder, fruity aroma.

  • Lower Acidity: They possesses lower acidity, indicating quality.

  • Nutritional Preservation: Unripe olives maintain more vitamins and minerals, enhancing the nutritional value of the oil.

  • Rich Green Colour: The dark green colour reflects high chlorophyll and antioxidant content.

For those particularly interested in an oil high in oleocanthal, oils created with Kalamon or Lianolia olives should be bought.